Thank You

On March 5th, 2014, the stop Killing Animals project started. Two months later we only have 5 bags & 2 Large t-shirts left!!! The rest is all gone!! We are so happy! & we need to thank all the people that have supported us in so many ways!!! With their help we have achieve the great amount of 125€! The money has already been donatated to Igualdad Animal. They sent me an email right away to thank me for the donation & explained me how our little project will help with a much more bigger project of animal rescue they are about to bring to the open!

We will keep fighting for equal rights for animals!! & hopefully we can make more projects soon!!! Thanks again! Love! M.

You still can support this project!

We also have some patches left! Which are only 3€ & benefits are 100% donated to Igualdad Animal!



One comment

  1. mar

    Felicidades Mar, ha sido todo un éxito. Así podrán ayudar a los pobres animales maltratados. Animo a por otro proyecto.

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